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Countdown till the Generator Kick In

The Recent heat wave that I swear I have been talking about since the season change has raged a war on me throughout the summer that I have been inadvertently winning. I quite recently had a power outage at the office in … Continue reading

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IT Cooling Equipment Visual Aid


I’m a visual person, and its likely that some of you out in the blogging sphere are as well so I thought I would share. This is what my computer room cooling looks like in action. I’ve got the hpc3000 set up on either side and one above. Again it was a simple set up process and with the install my server room went from 150+ degrees to 64′ so there is no going back for me. The visual aid is simple but its to the point. Hope this helps for any of you who are hunting for IT equipment and feeling lost in the process. When I first got into the industry I heard a lot of people talking about drawing out specific plans for their cooling units. While this may be essential for lets say facebook or Apple server’s for all of us little guys its just important that you get your room cool and portable units are ideal since you can always move them around for better results.

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Dont let the rising temperatures, heat up your Server

We have all seen the news reports with the shocking and record breaking temperatures across the US. I know that even on the furthest western coast I am melting in my California shorts. One thing that I am thankful I do not … Continue reading

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