Countdown till the Generator Kick In

The Recent heat wave that I swear I have been talking about since the season change has raged a war on me throughout the summer that I have been inadvertently winning. I quite recently had a power outage at the office in which my computer room cooling unit was left to fend for itself. I found during this process that my generator takes about 15 minutes to kick in. Obviously with my HPC3000 unit I don’t have to worry much about the power being out, but something that is important to remember is that in that 15 minutes my unit needs to have cooled the air well below the minimum level and then needs to be able to kick on immediately with the generator’s power. I was impressed that it was able to do this and I really felt that this says a lot about my unit itself. However my generator is only in the server room, and alas what is my company without power? One that got the day off.


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