Apple’s iPhone 5: A Thinner, Lighter, Taller 4G Phone

Why did the Battery update feel almost skimmed over?


Apple announced the iPhone 5 on Wednesday, with a thinner and lighter design than previous models despite a larger 4-inch display and 4G LTE connectivity.

The iPhone 5’s pixel density hasn’t changed from 326 pixels per inch, so Apple’s still using its “Retina Display” marketing lingo for the new 1136-by-640 resolution display. The width of the display hasn’t changed either, but the taller screen allows for an extra row of icons on the home screen and for apps to show more information on the screen.

[time-brightcove videoid=1836857596001]

(PHOTOS: Scenes from Apple’s iPhone 5 Announcement)

Apps will have to be optimized for the new display, and those that don’t will simply show a black border along the top and bottom edges of the screen. Still, Apple has already worked with the makers of a few apps, such as CNN and OpenTable, and if previous iOS products are any…

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