Apple Outs 5th Gen iPod Touch: Siri, 4-Inch Display, Comes In Five Different Colors, Launching In October

Curious to hear about other’s thoughts, I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was really hoping to be blown away and I’m walking away feeling slightly disappointed and very aware that every single leak I have read about was on par. This could be the reason I am disappointed or Apple just lost the wow factor for me. I havent felt this disappointed since the 4s…. oh wait no the all new Ipad was disappointing too. I hate to be a negative ned but these were my initial thoughts.


Apple’s iPhone 5 is sure to get most of the attention today, but the Cupertino company’s press event also saw the unveiling of a drastically revamped iPod Touch meant (once again) to bring iOS to the masses.

First things first — let’s talk price. The new iPod Touch will launch in October, and will cost customers $299 for the 32GB model and $399 for the 64GB variant.

The list of tweaks and updates is an extensive one, but perhaps the most notable change here is the 4-inch display, bringing the device in line with the new, larger iPhone. As you would expect, there’s a new (but sort of old) processor in the mix as well — Apple’s A5 chipset replaces the aging A4 seen in its most immediate predecessor, and it brings it with some nifty features that hadn’t yet made their way to the Wi-Fi-only devices.

Apple’s Greg Joswiak…

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