Want to hire the right team? Exhaust your interviewees

I found this a fantastic enlightening read, in a world where startups are selling for 1 billion with only 12 employees I think its extremely important to be aware of what makes them tick. Step one for a start up. Hire a great team.


Every startup wants to hire rock stars, but in a hyper-competitive market like San Francisco, finding — and keeping — top-level talent is daunting. Matt MacInnis, co-founder and CEO of publishing platform Inkling, believes he’s found a way to scale his workforce without sacrificing quality. For MacInnis, it’s about making sure the company’s values are perpetuated with every new employee. That sounds amorphous and touchy-feely, but the process becomes rigid during the interview phase. Only a small number of people conduct interviews, MacInnis still meets every prospective hire, and the interviews are designed to be exhausting for the applicant so the company can see what the person is like when they are tired.

In this episode of See Founders Run, MacInnis talks more about how he scaled his workforce from 10 to 100 employees in two years, and why his startup has an “insanely low” attrition rate.


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