Dont let the rising temperatures, heat up your Server

We have all seen the news reports with the shocking and record breaking temperatures across the US. I know that even on the furthest western coast I am melting in my California shorts.

One thing that I am thankful I do not have to worry about this summer season is my data center, the good news is I now have  the perfect computer room cooling set up going on so I don’t have to worry about it. I was reading a horror story just yesterday about a company expanding and when building their new offices the architect assured them that they only needed one main cooler for their entire office and server room. The smart owner happened to think to put a temperature gauge in with an alarm and at about 3 am he got an alert that the temp was rising above 100 degrees. Incase you wondered 68 degrees is the recommend maximum temperature in server rooms. This company called for all hands on deck and with portable data center air conditioner units they were able to cool things down.

A similare situation happened to me and I kept my portable unit in my server room as a permanent fixture. I went with AmeriCool for my units and the hpc3000 because though it is a single nozzle machine it is extremely effective and with only two in my room we keep the temperature at 64 degrees with no problem and absolutely no maintenance. So I offer the name AmeriCool as advice, and I offer this story as a warning. A server burn out is no fun. On that note happy summer!


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