Nevermind the Apocalypse: Earliest Mayan Calendar Found

Interesting how many variations of this rumor there are floating around. This is my personal favorite takes on the story implying that there were alterations made to the previous mention that 2012 would be the apocalypse. I dont have an opinion either way and by no means am I going to post up my religious beliefs I just felt this was interesting and on a topic that is getting a lot of air time. One of my favorite pieces of info regarding this topic is that the mayan calendar doesn’t account for the leap year, which was invented by Julius Caesar. And then the rebuttal on this is that the Mayan Calendar doesn’t need the leap year because it tracks revolutions around the sun more accurately. See what I mean this is interesting stuff and we could go on forever with it. In an age of growing technology its impressive to me that we still put so much weight and emphasis on these claims of the past. I’m not saying they are worth ignoring by any means. I just dont understand the fascination with these facts.


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