It’s Taco Tuesday . . . Heads Up!


Fatherhood Etc.

I’m not a fan of The Huffington Post (aka the “Huff-and-puff Post”) but this is hilarious—in part because it’s “true:”

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

It’s an unmanned drone helicopter shooting a taco from space down at you and your colleagues during lunchtime!

The Internet is going wild for Tacocopter, perhaps the next great startup out of Silicon Valley, which boasts a business plan that combines four of the most prominent touchstones of modern America: tacos, helicopters, robots and laziness.

Are you really ever that far from a taco? Our local Taco Bell is just down the street from our apartment; I could drive there and back in five minutes, allowing for a three minute wait at the drive-though. And do you really want a bag of them flung at your head by a flying robot?

But leave it to the “American Entrepreneur”…

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