Groundhog’s Day. . . (what to expect)

February 2nd marks the day that Punxsutawney Phil, everyone’s favorite groundhog, is awakened to learn the fate of the upcoming winter days. He was awakened from his slumber a little over a week ago. His predictions go as stated:

Forecasts abound on the Internet,
But I, Punxsutawney Phil, am still your best bet,
Yes, a shadow I see, you can start to twitter,
Hash Tag: Six more weeks of winter!

Being that it is now only 5 more weeks of winter, isn’t it time to start thinking of the summer months that lie ahead? Many of your workshops, be it auto, warehouse, computer room, server room, or the ladder, are going to start to warm up sooner than you think. Get yourself a proper army of commercial portable air conditioning units to protect, not only your machinery, but your employees comfort and morale. In doing so, you will most likely up the efficiency of your business, bringing in more revenue, and overall, making 2015 a successful year for you and your business!

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Apple’s iPhone 5: A Thinner, Lighter, Taller 4G Phone

Why did the Battery update feel almost skimmed over?


Apple announced the iPhone 5 on Wednesday, with a thinner and lighter design than previous models despite a larger 4-inch display and 4G LTE connectivity.

The iPhone 5’s pixel density hasn’t changed from 326 pixels per inch, so Apple’s still using its “Retina Display” marketing lingo for the new 1136-by-640 resolution display. The width of the display hasn’t changed either, but the taller screen allows for an extra row of icons on the home screen and for apps to show more information on the screen.

[time-brightcove videoid=1836857596001]

(PHOTOS: Scenes from Apple’s iPhone 5 Announcement)

Apps will have to be optimized for the new display, and those that don’t will simply show a black border along the top and bottom edges of the screen. Still, Apple has already worked with the makers of a few apps, such as CNN and OpenTable, and if previous iOS products are any…

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iOS 6 coming September 19, here’s what to expect

Happy Iphone/IOS 6 DAY!

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Apple Outs 5th Gen iPod Touch: Siri, 4-Inch Display, Comes In Five Different Colors, Launching In October

Curious to hear about other’s thoughts, I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was really hoping to be blown away and I’m walking away feeling slightly disappointed and very aware that every single leak I have read about was on par. This could be the reason I am disappointed or Apple just lost the wow factor for me. I havent felt this disappointed since the 4s…. oh wait no the all new Ipad was disappointing too. I hate to be a negative ned but these were my initial thoughts.

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Countdown till the Generator Kick In

The Recent heat wave that I swear I have been talking about since the season change has raged a war on me throughout the summer that I have been inadvertently winning. I quite recently had a power outage at the office in which my computer room cooling unit was left to fend for itself. I found during this process that my generator takes about 15 minutes to kick in. Obviously with my HPC3000 unit I don’t have to worry much about the power being out, but something that is important to remember is that in that 15 minutes my unit needs to have cooled the air well below the minimum level and then needs to be able to kick on immediately with the generator’s power. I was impressed that it was able to do this and I really felt that this says a lot about my unit itself. However my generator is only in the server room, and alas what is my company without power? One that got the day off.

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Will the next-gen iPhone feature an upgraded camera system?

Sad but so true, this is our world now.


Update 9/12/12:

Color me jaded but is it less impressive that each of the leaks was proved true.

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Apple and Google Lead Separate Groups in Bidding for Kodak Patents

Looks like this is big news to look out for.


NewImageGoogle and Apple are once again going head to head in bidding for a major collection of patents owned by a bankrupt corporation. According to The Wall Street Journal, two consortiums have formed to bid for the patents owned by camera giant Kodak, which is currently in bankruptcy.

Apple, Microsoft, and patent-aggregation firm Intellectual Ventures are teaming up, while Google, Samsung, LG, HTC and RPX Corp are forming the second alliance.

The people familiar with the discussions cautioned that work on bids could continue over the weekend, with alliances changing and other bidders potentially emerging.


A bankruptcy court supervised auction of Kodak’s patents is set for Aug. 8. The patents are being sold in two lots: the digital-capture portfolio related to capturing and processing images on cameras, smartphones and tablets; and the Kodak Imaging Systems and Services patents related to storing and analyzing images, among other things.


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